Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mt Hagen City for JESUS......

National Baptist Women’s 9th Triennial Convention began with a march around Mt Hagen city on the 23rd September. More than 1,200 Baptist Women from all over the country gathered on that faithful day dressed in their Church and Association colours. The women marched around the city of Mt. Hagen with banners lifted high and songs of warfare declaring the city free from all criminal activities especially against women and claiming that Jesus is Lord over Western Highlands Province. 

Representatives from the Church and the Provincial and National Government were also part of this great occasion. The women were also blessed by the presence of our international guest, Secretary for Baptist Women’s Union of the South West Pacific based in New Zealand Mrs Anne McCathy.                                                              
Baptist Union PNG President, Patrick Gaiyer stated at the opening ceremony that God is now working through the prayers of many Christian believers all over the country. Great things are happening within our government and we need men and women with integrity to stand together and work united to see changes in our country.
Adding on to that, Honourable Member for Mul Baiyer Koi Trappe who was also a guest stated that today the PNG Government has realised the work the mainline Churches are doing and is working close in partnership with them to see that development is delivered to the people of PNG.
During Telefomin MP, Honourable Solan Mirism speech, he also stressed the importance of this and encouraged the women to hold fast to their prayers and continue to prayer for the leaders of this nation.
Mr Trappe committed K250, 000 and Prime Minister Peter O’Neil committed K 200,000 towards the Baptist Women’s Resource Centre. Mt Hagen Open MP William Duma committed K40, 000 towards the expenses of the conference, Western Highlands Governor Pias Wingti committed K 10,000 and Telefomin MP committed K 10, 000 to the Baptist Women’s Association and K10, 000 to the Telefomin Women’s group.
The convention continued on for a week at the Mt Hagen Secondary School and ended on the 27th September. The women returned home to their families and communities inspired and blessed.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

 “If you forgive others the wrong they have done to you, your father in Heaven will also forgive you............................"

Former Pastors & early church workers

   With the new appointment of the Western Highlands Baptist Union Administrator, Mary Napili, spiritual work has already begun.

Ps. Traimya Kambapi leading the group in prayer
On August 30th Mary with the assistance from BUPNG Ministry Director Ps. Gabriel Kenny organised a meeting for all former church workers especially pastors from around Baiyer and Lumusa to come together for a time of Prayer and Confession to free themselves so that God would use them powerfully in preaching the word of God. During this meeting pastors confessed their sins, their grudges and hurt against each other and they forgave each other. A similar program was held again on September 5th with all the HBU Association supervisors and ministry leaders.

Rev.Mapusia Kolo shared the word of God that, Forgiveness is the key to Freedom. The word of God states in Matt 6:14 -14, “If you forgive others the wrong they have done to you, your father in Heaven will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others, then your father will not forgive the wrongs you have done.” If we profess to be followers of Christ, we ought to imitate him and in doing so, we receive the victory that comes with it so that God will empower us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to destroy the work of the devil just like Christ did.
Ps. Peter Yanda being prayed over after his confession
Rev. Mapusia leading the communion service

All the pastors and ministry leaders partook in the holy communion and joined hands in unity and prayed for God to bless WHBU so that the Spirit of God will revive the churches in this land (WHBU).

 The 3rd meeting is scheduled for October 3rd.

Please stand with Western Highlands Baptist Union in prayer. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

News from Telefomin

Give thanks to God for the church work at Telefomin Baptist Mission station and the new initiative that is now taking place at Min Baptist Union Headquarter at Telefomin. Baptist Union PNG Inc. has now instituted two development officers under the AusAID’s Church Partnership Program (CPP) to further Education and Health field services in the region. They are James Kumi (Education Field Officer) and Nick Sasuk (Health Field Officer) both from Telefomin.
Next to their office is the Telefomin station local church. This is where they have their Sunday church service. Silas Neksep (pictured) is working very hard with the church congregation to rebuild the church to cater for more adherents. The church building fund raising committee is appealing to individuals and groups who have the heart to give towards this worthy course can respond through www.baptistunionpng.BlogSpot.        
The Old Church at Baptist Mission station, Telefomin. The church will be rebuilt.
The author Kevin Bong (with cap and glass) in his recent trip to Telefomin, mingling with villagers, Ankevip village.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Highlands Christian Grammar – Zooming ahead

Students and staff at Highlands Christian Grammar (HCG) are jumping for joy. Not only do we have satellite Internet at school but we also have an interactive data projector. The teachers’ joy may be short lived as they struggle with the frustrations of using new technologies where the students are likely to learn faster than them! Not to mention the power blackouts.

In 2011, only 2% of people in PNG had Internet. At HCG we are on a steep learning curve. We have to prepare our students for the global citizens and to use Information Communication Technologies (ICT) to learn, study and live.
There are plans for children in the upper grades to have their own digital device next year. The teachers will need to re-think the way they teach. What an exciting journey and boy, we have a lot of learning to do.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Peace Champions of Yangis

The BUPNG Community Development Unit (CDU) has developed and implemented several capacity building training courses in parts of the Enga Province. Tribal fighting and disputes are a real concern in the region following tribal tensions. BUPNG saw the need to deliver effective courses to areas affected by such fighting.
The Peace Training program funded annually by the PNG Churches Partnership Program (CPP), an innovative collaboration by the seven Christian denominations in PNG and AusAid, has achieved significant positive outcomes on the lives of many local communities restoring hope, peace, stability and improved living conditions including safer housing, beautiful communities and gardens and the proper development of our land.  

Yangis is the sub district of Kompiam Ambum electorate in the Enga Province comprised of four major circuits, or areas, called the Wapi, Yangis Central, Pinai and Mai. In 2005 the Council President of fourteen wards and two female representatives of Yangis were killed by men from the Mai Circuit. The Council President was from the Wapi Circuit and his clansmen retaliated ending with devastating effect. Tragically 200 people were killed and local health centres, schools and gardens were destroyed. These incidents caused much distress and people fled to safety and shelter with wantoks and neighbouring tribes. Sadly this uncertainty and danger continued for several years, not ending until 2009. 

In April 2010, a team from the Community Development Unit of BUPNG organised a peace training course for community representatives and local men from each Circuit who were involved in the fights to attend. It ran for five days and included sharing knowledge, understanding differences, learning about strategies and tactics to manage and minimise risks and to empower community members to take control and lead this journey to create peace again at home. 

Earlier this year, the BUPNG CDU went back to Yangis to conduct an evaluation of their program and to observe if changes were occurring. 

Peace Review Group work in progress, Yangis Central Circuit   

From the feedback we gathered and from presentations delivered by participants, most people were determined to see some form of change in their lives and to the community. They had been living in chaos and destruction for more than five years and felt that they had had enough. They wanted peace. They craved for the life they lived before, where life was good and people lived in harmony, had good houses and plenty of food to eat. The tribal conflicts had brought a life that was full of misery, fear, homelessness, hunger and people fleeing to other places for safety. 

The peace training conducted in 2010 by the BUPNG CDU team was the beginning of a new era where peace was to be restored into the Yangis area and continue. God has been so good and has answered the prayers of many by restoring peace between the warring tribes. Four participants of the training, one representative from each of the four circuits of Yangis, absorbed the teachings of the course, then were tasked to implement the skills learnt to become peace makers and champions of peace in the Yangis area. They were sometimes given names like ‘the ambulance’ to reflect what they actually did. These men are not paid for what they do in implementing and restoring peace and justice in the community. Often their lives are endangered and much of their own resources and effort is put into this operation. Yet, they have sacrificed the comfort of a good home, restful night and a descent meal to bring change to their community. They want to live in harmony with each other just like any good leader would want for his people. God has faithfully rewarded their sacrifices.
  Yangis man bringing a firearm to a local market day                                               

Today we can see the real benefits of their efforts. Government and mission services such as aid posts and schools are operating in these affected areas without danger. New houses and gardens have been built.  Locals are coming home after many years and life is now peaceful. These communities have come to realize the goodness of living peacefully with each other. Although there are little incidents taking place, a few men still carry with them bush knives and axes, even occasionally firearms to market sites. Due to this Peace Committees have agreed to close certain market sites to deter hostile incidents as well as banning weapons. These decisions demonstrate the active work the peace committees and peace champions have taken to manage such risks at a community level which then can positively and immediately impact in the Yangis area. It may seem obvious but small acts of community empowerment and diligence ensure change is happening.

BUPNG Facilitator, Julianne Rumbi (right) with locals at the Yangis Airstrip

This community development program is one of many BUPNG carry out in our communities. Situations like these are not ideal nor wanted, but it is pleasing and empowering to see community members take charge of their destiny. We are buoyed by this positive spirit and enjoying working with our fellow citizens to enact that type of positive change in society.